Kory Konfitüren

Quality is written in CAPITAL letters for us!

The tasty fruits that are in our jams come from the West Serbian national park region "Tara" and are mostly grown by us.

We take great care to ensure that all processes - from growing the fruit to filling the jars - meet quality standards.

Our jams are produced with love, care and devotion to nature.

This unique taste is an experience adventure with every spoonful.

Pure Nature

We are committed to the highest quality: we take great care to ensure that all processes – from cultivation to canning – comply with quality standards. This means, of course, without preservatives or additives.

High in fruit, low in sugar

Around 60 percent of our selected fruits are in our high-quality jams.
In addition, the reduced sugar and high fruit content ensure an unforgettable flavour experience.

Naturally Vegan

Since our high-quality jams are only made from sugar, gelling agent - pectin and hand-picked fruits, our products are also a real treat for our vegan friends.

Lowest Calorie

With an average of only 177 Kcal per 335g, our jams contain fewer calories compared to that of conventional jams.

Kory Konfitüren
Kory Konfitüren

That's where I come from:

Our hand-picked fruits come from Western Balkan - Nature Reserve Tara, a land where nature is at home. Crystal clear rivers, clean air and untouched nature are essential for the unmistakable taste experience of Kory jams.

Kory Konfitüren
Kory Konfitüren

The high fruit content ensures an unforgettable taste experience, without additives or preservatives. Kory is the healthy snack between meals, naturally low in sugar and calories.
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